Stem Cell Technology Research Center, the first Iranian private research center, was established in 2004. Covering various but related fields, including tissue engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology, stem cell biology and transgenesis, our main focus is currently on research projects. However, the long-term objective of this center is to develop clinical products and novel ways to repair, replace, reconstruct and regenerate damaged or diseased tissues.

Tissue engineering, as a multidisciplinary field, integrates the concepts of life sciences, engineering and surgical techniques, and requires close interaction between specialists in different fields. The greatest strength of the Stem Cell Technology Research Center is its ability to bring together leading researchers and physicians to work collectively on specific challenges.

By advancing in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and stem cell biology, there have been attempts to improve the scientific level of Iran and promote our independency in high technologies.

The center is structured to foster success in meeting its goals. At the present time, our four research departments including Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering, Stem Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, and Transgene Research are cooperating in this center. In addition, many universities, hospitals and industrial centers are collaborating with us and giving a share in our goal. We encourage you to drive through the website and get to know more about our recent accomplishments and prospective endeavors.